Snell Consultancy Director Completes Helicopter Private Pilots Licence

April 7, 2015 by  

Today, Snell Consultancy Director, Ivan Snell, passed the final practical exam of his helicopter Private Pilots licence with the Phoenix Helicopter Academy at the famous Goodwood Aerodrome in Sussex, UK.

ThFullSizeRender3is was the last stage of an intensive seven month long course which included passing nine theoretical exams at ground school, a medical and the practical exam today with Ivan’s examiner Tim Price. After being awarded his completion certificate by Paul Andrews, Chief Instructor, at Phoenix Helicopter Academy, Ivan said: “to be able to fly helicopters has been one of my life time ambitions – it requires an unbelievable level of of eye-hand coordination. Helicopters are generally dynamically unstable, meaning that you can not stop concentrating for a second. Its all about the good airmanship principles of aviate, navigate and communciate – in that order! It is such a privilege to be able to fly. I have thoroughly enjoyed the learning experience and the guys at Phoenix have been amazingly patient with me as I have progressed over the last seven to eight months. I cant wait to get my official licence from the CAA and start taking friends, colleagues and clients flying!”

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Watch a video of Ivan’s first solo flight on 25th November 2014:-

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